ICU (Intensive Care Unit)


The Intensive care units are specialist hospital wards. They provide intensive care (treatment and monitoring) for people in a critically ill or unstable conditions.The 6 bedded adult ICU is on the first floor of the hospital. We have 3 Ventilators at present in the ICU which will be increased in the near future. An ICU can be a daunting environment for both the patient and their family and friends.Our trained ICU staff understand this and are there to help the person being cared for and offer support to their family.

Visiting hours in the ICU are usually flexible. However we discourage entry into the ICU from 9pm – 6am. Sometimes you might have to wait to visit your patient – for example, if a patient needs immediate assistance from ICU staff/ doctor. The number of people allowed around a bed is restricted for the safety of the patient. Visitors with cough.cold,diarrhoea or vomiting or any other infectious conditions are advised not to visit the ICU.

In the ICU, we try to maintain a high level of hygeine, so you will be asked to use an alcohol hand rub and to remove your shoes. You will find the dispensers by every bed space. You can bring in things to make the patient comfortable, but check with the ICU staff beforehand. Flowers are not allowed in the ICU because there is a risk they could spread infection.